Kyocera Business Applications: Are you fully utilizing all that your copier can do for you?


You have mastered the basics of your copier: printing, faxing, scanning, re-sizing, and even adjusting the resolution; but are you aware of what your copier can do to maximize  workflow and minimize stress in your office? Kyocera’s Business Applications offer a variety of useful customized applications that can be used in almost any office environment.

Kyocera offers six categories of business applications. If it is document storage that you require, then the Capture & Distribution category is for you. As an example, the Kyocera HomePOINT app allows you to easily scan, store, and access hard copy information, such as presentations, invoices, project plans, and many other documents. Perhaps you need more ease in finding documents, if so the Document Management category can offer some assistance. The SharePoint Connector app, specifically, can link your documents to a secure Microsoft SharePoint server, making it easier for employees to share and manage their information. If you find yourself needing access to print and scan on the go, then the apps in the Mobile & Cloud category will serve you well. For instance, the Kyocera Mobile Print application is a free mobile app that allows you to print to your MFP from your smartphone.

The Network Device Management category provides customers with applications that can manage their network devices from local and remote locations; including the Command Center RX app that allows you to view your toner levels, paper availability, and copier status all from your web browser. Make creating, printing, and storing forms easy with the applications found in the Output Management category. In particular, the MyForms app allows you to create forms and then scan and store these preprinted forms on your network. The last category, Cost Control & Security, offers applications that work specifically with protection of your files. A perfect example is the Cryptek app that protects your MFP by requiring users to authenticate themselves with a smartcard and PIN code.

These are just a few of the many applications that can be installed on your machine. Want to see more? Visit Kyocera’s Document Solution YouTube page for a more in-depth tutorial of some of their more popular apps:

If you are interested in installing any of these applications on your copier, please contact your sales representative. Continue to read our blog as we will always highlight any new and exciting applications that become available.


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