Get To Know Your Technician

Spotlight on John Price

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Kopier Net takes great pride in our dedicated, talented, and experienced technicians. We love working with them everyday and hope that you love seeing them at your office! During our “Get To Know You” series, you will learn more about each of our technicians both personally and professionally. 

Tell us a little about yourself: I was born in Detroit, Michigan. I’m now married and have lived in Georgia for 21 years. I have lived in Woodstock, GA for the past 3 years.  I served 10 years in the US Navy and was able to visit 42 different countries.  I received electronic training in the Navy and at Central Texas College. I earned a Bachelor’s Degree in communications from Delaware State University.  I enjoy sports, fitness, and travel.  I love to cook, play guitar, and maintain my aquariums.

How long have you been in the copier industry? I have worked 28 years in the electro-mechanical/information technology industry. I started working for Kopier Net in 2001, I am one of the original KN Master Technicians.

 What does it take to be a quality copier technician? Due to the various models of machines we service, a Kopier Net Field Engineer has to maintain a good technical training regime to stay aware of the latest upgrades in the industry.

What is a challenge that you as a technician face in the field? A major challenge faced by all Field Engineers is customer service and response time.  A true professional creates a daily itinerary that will maximize his time. I try to establish a positive rapport with customers, ensuring that their questions are answered and issues are solved.

What is one tip that you would give customers to keep their machines running their best? With the technology advances in today’s office equipment, having a good electrical power source is necessary.   Ensure your copier is the only device plugged into the outlet to avoid brown outs (low current situation).  Also, moisture can cause various copy quality and jamming issues.  If it is humid, take about 50 sheets out of your paper tray and turn it over.  The top few sheets collect moisture and can cause the aforementioned issues.


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