Kopier Net Experts Tell All

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Tips to Prevent Paper Jams
We all know how frustrating a copier paper jam can be, but did you know that a lot of times they are preventable? Our technical experts at Kopier Net put together the top tips to prevent copier jams.
  • Always store paper in a cool, dry place. Moisture on the paper is a leading cause in jamming
  • Make sure the paper fits tightly and straight into the guided tray on all sides
  • Fan the paper out before inserting it into the tray
  • If refilling paper before the tray is empty, remove the existing paper and stack it evenly on top of the new, additional paper back into the tray
  • Be sure that all doors and levers are in the correct, closed position
  • Buy good quality paper. Paper packaged in plastic or laminated reams is best.
  • Never overload the paper tray
  • Don’t mix and match paper types in the same tray
  • Put the copier on Power Saving mode overnight or long periods of time of no use
  • Make sure your copier components are in good shape, if they look worn down, call Kopier Net for a scheduled replacement service
  • Keep your copier clean!

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