Teaching Assistant

Back To School Basics

From Kyocera/Copystar Solutions

Teaching Assistant

As we are preparing for Back to School, we wanted to highlight one of our favorite Kyocera Applications, Teaching Assistant. Educators are under continuous pressure to find new and innovative ways to improve student achievement while reducing cost. These initiatives are not unique to school districts. Every enterprise, from public and private schools to large corporations, must become more efficient. To assist in this critical initiative Kyocera has developed Teaching Assistant, a business application.

Teaching Assistant is a HyPAS-enabled App enabled for teachers to automatically print, scan, grade, and analyze student’s test scores off a bubble sheet right from a Kyocera MFP. Designed as an embedded application that runs on the MFP, Teaching Assistant does not require network resources or IT support because there is no server software to install or PC to connect. Teachers and support staff enjoy intuitive walk-up access, where an unlimited number of bubble sheet forms are printed. After the forms are completed by the students, and scanned by Teaching Assistant, test scores and associated reports are immediately available; there’s no wait! Comprehensive analytics even drill down to the 10 easiest and 10 most difficult questions, enabling educators to identify weaknesses, and gear classroom instruction accordingly.

Teaching Assistant instantly scans the sheets, scores each student, and prepares a series of analytical and graphical PDF reports, with a choice to print, save to USB flash drive or e-mail the results. To protect student confidentiality, all data related to the test is automatically cleared from the device after the user exits Teaching Assistant. Additionally, since Teaching Assistant runs on any HyPAS-enabled TASKalfa device, it uses economical plain paper to generate bubble sheets. Buying and stocking expensive pre-printed media is a thing of the past. And to further efficiency, Teaching Assistant allows users to print and forward test scores and reports directly to an e-mail address – reducing paper, toner and energy consumption.

Watch an informative demo here: http://youtu.be/I3TBF1hpaAg

With Teaching Assistant, the MFP does the work allowing educators to concentrate on the students themselves, instead of the time-consuming, error-prone process of manual test grading. Ideal for all educators and trainers, Teaching Assistant reduces the paperwork burden that otherwise distracts from the core mission – preparing our leaders of tomorrow. To learn more about Kyocera’s Teaching Assistant, contact your Kopier Net sales representative and ask about a free 30-day, no-obligation trial.


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