Kyocera Three Tier Billing Solution

3 Tier

Reduce the cost of your color printing with our Three Tier Billing Solution – only pay for the amount of color you use! Whereas current maintenance agreements charge one standard price for all color copies, whether it’s a color logo in the corner of a letterhead or a full page color ad, this groundbreaking new system breaks down the printed image and records it to bill based on the total amount of color used on the page. With the breakdown of Low, Medium, or High color coverage, businesses will now be charged accordingly. Low and medium price per copies are significantly less than the high color coverage copies.

The way Three Tier Billing works is that there are three meters (magenta, cyan, and yellow) inside your MFP print device to count the exact number of color dots used on each printed page.  Dot coverage is the most accurate measurement methodology on the market.  Color coverage is calculated per page and billed at the most appropriate cost-per-click for your business. The Intelligent Billing on the MFP’s will break down the number of low, medium, and high color coverage pages used by your business. “Kyocera’s Three Tier Billing solution meets the needs of all businesses as it reduces the amount of full color printing and can reduce color costs by up to 50%.” said Mark Vella, Director of Sales and Marketing at Kyocera. Currently, most businesses print in black and white only to avoid the high cost of color prints/copies and are reluctant to bring color printing in house due to high color printing charges, Three Tier Billing will alleviate these issues.

So how exactly are the color tiers broken down…? Low Color is documents including a colored stamp or logo, a few lines of color highlighted text, emails or documents. Medium Color is standard business documents incorporating colored charts or graphs, Excel spread sheets, or Power Point presentations. High Color is documents composed of color graphics or photographs, marketing materials, brochures or Internet pages. The color tier breakdown information can be sent and synced automatically or manually by a service technician, and converted into bar graphs and charts so you can review how much of each tier your office is using.

With Three Tier Billing, businesses control what they print, how they print, and the cost of what they print in color. So, whether you are buying new, upgrading, or have an existing TASKalfa, Three Tiered Color Billing may be exactly what you’ve needed to add color your world. Kopier Net, with its Copystar partnership, is proud to now offer this cost effective tool to all customers with Kyocera TASKalpha series (3051ci and above). Contact your sales representative for more information.


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