Get To Know Your Technician

 Spotlight on Mark Richardson


Kopier Net takes great pride in our dedicated, talented, and experienced technicians. We love working with them every day and hope that you love seeing them at your office! During our “Get To Know You” series, you will learn more about each of our technicians both personally and professionally. 

Tell us a little about yourself: I am a native Georgian, currently living in Fayetteville, GA with my wife, Michele, and our 3 children: Breanna, Maloree, & Ethan. We also have 2 cats, Steve and Shakira. I enjoy spending time with my family and friends as well as working on my Camaro. I also enjoy combining my IT knowledge with the implementation of MFP devices. Helping others is important to me whether it is a neighbor, co-worker, or stranded stranger.

How long have you worked at Kopier Net? I have worked here since November 2005. This year will be my ten year anniversary.

How long have you been in the copier industry? I have been working in the copier industry for 15 years.

What areas do you service? I service Downtown Atlanta and the South Metro area.

 What is your favorite thing about being a service tech and/or working at Kopier Net? I enjoy providing solutions for a vast array of issues in sometimes urgent situations that satisfies customers’ needs.

What is a challenge that you as a technician face in the field? And how did you resolve it? The biggest challenge that I face is meeting the quantity of needs for all clients in a timely and professional manner, for I must be in several places at once, juggling service calls by phone along with maintenance visits. It is important to use the art of multitasking to overcome these challenges.

What is one tip that you would give customers to keep their machines running their best? Please have all supplies and consumables available to replace when indicated and above all else remember that we are a service provider so our success depends on our customer satisfaction and loyalty.

You were recently promoted to Service Manager… What solutions to you hope to bring to Kopier New as Service Manager? I plan to continue to bring Kopier Net customers the best customer service for even more incorporated, resourceful solutions.  My goal is to support my distinguished colleagues, in their continued training and professional development, especially for those more challenging service calls. Not only will I do my part, but I will also encourage everyone to do the extra that’s required for Kopier Net to provide the most dependable solutions possible, even from the most unreliable piece of office equipment…copiers.


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