Toner Pirates

How to Avoid Being Scammed

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Toner pirates are scam artists that will call offices and trick people into purchasing toner. A toner pirate will pretend to be your local copier/toner provider in order to find out more about your machine so they can send you toner. Upon learning about your machine, they will offer you ridiculously discounted toner prices so that you choose to purchase from them. However, they will end up sending you a bill for up to 10 times the normal cost of toner that you would usually pay. Sometimes, if they know enough information about your copier and business location, they will send you a bill for overly priced toner without your authorization.

The toner pirates will claim to be your “normal toner provider”, or warehouse of the toner supplier but will not mention the name of a company that sounds familiar to you. You may receive multiple phone calls from the toner pirates, each time trying to gather more information about the make and model of your copier. They try to speak with someone who knows as little about the copier as possible as to easily fool them and gather the information that they need. They will tell you that they are offering “closeout” or “special” pricing on the toner.  They will not give you contact information so they can be reached again, if you ask for it; many times they will just hang up. To prevent being scammed, these are some easy tips to follow. Never give your copier make, model, or toner information over the phone to someone you are unfamiliar with. Train your receptionist and staff on how to deal with these phone calls and how to not give away information or commit to purchases.  If you do get scammed and toner gets sent to your office, your only defense is to refuse shipment of the toner.

If you fear that you have spoken to a toner pirate, do not commit to anything. If you are not sure if it is someone from Kopier Net, simply call our office to confirm. Just know that we at Kopier Net would never call you to try to get a toner order. Report suspected toner pirates to the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) by calling 1.877.FTCHELP (1-877-382-4357).


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