Welcome Home, Heroes!


Kopier Net is proud to announce that we are now a sponsor of the “Welcome Home, Heroes!” Transitional Assistance Program. The program is intended to be an information resource for returning and returned Warriors. In addition, the program will seek to help these individual’s friends and family better understand the transition process and challenges their soldiers will face in returning to civilian life.

One of the great benefits of the Welcome Home, Heroes! Program is that it is able to assist our Veterans locally. The “Welcome Home, Heroes!” Center is conveniently located at the Atlanta Medical Center, right outside downtown Atlanta. The Center’s main purpose is to help Veterans transition back into their civilian life as quickly as possible, by providing guidance and information on housing, education, employment, and physical and mental health treatment option. Besides the Center, the assistance program plans Warrior/Family events aimed around creating an environment where Warriors, Veterans, and their families can relax, talk and “get things off your chest” with peers who relate to each other.

Kopier Net is proud to be supporting this amazing local and beneficial cause. To continue our support, Kopier Net will be donating a percentage of our monthly sales revenue to “Welcome Home, Heroes!”  to further promote and grow their program. By choosing Kopier Net, you too are supporting the rehabilitation of our local troops. For more information you can visit their website HERE.


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