Google Connector



The increased mobility of today’s workforce has made it imperative that users be able to quickly retrieve their information when and where it is needed. With the Google Connector app, KYOCERA brings this essential capability to the MFP. Now you can easily access, search and print Google e-mail, attachments and calendars directly from any HyPAS-enabled MFP using the device’s control panel.

You can browse and preview messages, check your calendar for events, and print emails, attachments, and calendar events for hardcopy reference. You can also quickly and easily compose and send emails with scanned file attachments through Gmail directly from the MFP.

Watch this Instructional Video to learn more about the Google Connector application and how to utilize it in your office:


Google has become virtually synonymous with the Internet. Many businesses appreciate its convenience, intuitive calendar tool, and ability to handle larger e-mail attachments. With the Google Connector app, even when you are at the MFP you won’t miss a thing!

For more information contact your Kopier Net sales representative today by calling 770-425-5679.


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