4th of July Printables

July 4th Weekend is a terrific way to gather with friends & family for good food, cool drinks, and to celebrate our countries freedom. We have found some fun, free 4th of July printables for a multitude of reasons to decorate for the holiday; whether you are throwing a little Star Spangled Soiree, wanting to add some patriotic pride to your home, or are just looking to display some red, white, and blue in your office. We are happy to provide some great sources of printables that you can use.


Land That I Love Poster : This printout is a wonderful way to celebrate America The Beautiful during the holiday. You can frame it in your home, tack it on a bulletin board at work, or display it in your classroom. Print yours here.








Scavenger Hunt : If you are throwing a July 4th party, an entertaining scavenger hunt is a must have! This is the perfect activity for the children at the party to participate in too! Click here to print.






Let Freedom Ring Banner : If you need some festive flair for your home, office, or party then print out this fabulous banner! It’s a great way to add some red, white & blue to any space. It’s a lot cheaper than buying something from the store too! Start creating here.






Statue of Liberty Crown : This printable is ideal for any little one that would want to dress up as Lady Liberty to watch the fireworks on the 4th. This adorable crown comes with an additional extension band so that adults can wear it too and get in on the fun. Download the cuteness here.






Sparkler Printable : You can’t celebrate 4th of July without a little spark (or should we say sparkler!) These sparkler holders make a charming addition to any summertime party. All you do is download, print, cut, and slip a few sparklers into place. Print them here.




Patriotic Popcorn : Maybe you are not throwing a party this summer, but you probably will attend one. This popcorn is colorful, yummy and easy to make; and it’s the perfect gift to bring to your host! There are several options of labels to print, depending on your container, which is convenient. Explore your options here.








Top Ten Copier Etiquette Rules


There is always that one person in the office…the one that tells everyone when the toner is out, but refuses to replace the empty toner bottle. It’s frustrating. With so many different people in the office using the copier, it is important to have a set protocol for how to operate the machine. Setting rules for the variety of copier users is a great way to let everyone know that they are responsible for making sure the copier is running to its best ability at all times. We have provided our Top Ten Copier Etiquette Rules that we suggest you establish in your office.

  1. Don’t leave the paper trays empty. Refill them as needed.
  2. Always check the touch screen for a flashing icon, which could mean a misfeed has occurred, toner is low or there is an error code that needs resolving.
  3. Never walk away from a copier that is jammed. Try to resolve the issue.
  4. If you cannot resolve a copier issue on your own, notify your office manager so a technician can be called.
  5. Let people with fewer documents than you print first.
  6. If you see someone using the copier, do not print to that machine. Wait until your co-worker is done running their copy job.
  7. Don’t remove someone else’s documents from the copier. Find the owner of the documents or give the documents to the office manager to hold.
  8. If you print anything on thick paper, colored paper or legal sized paper remove it from the tray once you are done printing so someone else does not accidentally print on it.
  9. Remove staples, sticky notes and paper clips from all documents that you’re going to put through the Top Feeder.
  10. Keep the area around the copier clean. Do not eat or drink around the copier. Pick up any mess you might make around the area.


What copier rules have you established in your office??? Share below. 

Welcome Home, Heroes!


Kopier Net is proud to announce that we are now a sponsor of the “Welcome Home, Heroes!” Transitional Assistance Program. The program is intended to be an information resource for returning and returned Warriors. In addition, the program will seek to help these individual’s friends and family better understand the transition process and challenges their soldiers will face in returning to civilian life.

One of the great benefits of the Welcome Home, Heroes! Program is that it is able to assist our Veterans locally. The “Welcome Home, Heroes!” Center is conveniently located at the Atlanta Medical Center, right outside downtown Atlanta. The Center’s main purpose is to help Veterans transition back into their civilian life as quickly as possible, by providing guidance and information on housing, education, employment, and physical and mental health treatment option. Besides the Center, the assistance program plans Warrior/Family events aimed around creating an environment where Warriors, Veterans, and their families can relax, talk and “get things off your chest” with peers who relate to each other.

Kopier Net is proud to be supporting this amazing local and beneficial cause. To continue our support, Kopier Net will be donating a percentage of our monthly sales revenue to “Welcome Home, Heroes!”  to further promote and grow their program. By choosing Kopier Net, you too are supporting the rehabilitation of our local troops. For more information you can visit their website HERE.

Mother’s Day Printables

Mother’s Day is fast approaching and we’re sure that you are on the hunt for something to  give your Mom to show how much you love and appreciate her. Rather than buying a standard greeting card, wouldn’t your Mom much prefer something homemade and thoughtful. We found some wonderful, free printable Mother’s Day cards that range from sweet, to caring, to funny. We hope that you can find one that you like to print out on your copier to give a Mom in your life.


Mother’s Day Questionnaire: From the funny kid responses to the heartfelt husband answers, this is a wonderful and interactive way to tell mom just how much she is loved. This would also be a great option for teachers looking to do a little Mother’s Day activity with their classroom. Find the Questionnaire HERE.

Quote CardCute Quote Cards: Sometimes you don’t know how to express your appreciation in your own words, so these sweet cards will do it for you. The bold black and white stripes with the beautiful floral graphic really stand out along with the cute quote. Click HERE for the quote cards.

Chalkboard CardChalkboard Celebrations: Mother’s Day is a time to celebrate all the women in your life; perhaps you want to share the love with your grandmother or aunt. Well, this trendy card offers you several options for who you want to address your thoughtful card too. For the personalized chalkboard cards, click HERE.

Free-Printable-Mothers-Day-Pancake-TopperBreakfast in Bed: Planning on treating Mom to breakfast in bed… why not add a few sweet touches to her breakfast tray! A pancake topper, a bouquet wrap, and a special little note card! All in pretty pastels and ready to make momma smile! Follow this LINK for the breakfast in bed printables.

Gift CardGet Lost Gift: If you are looking for a card and present in one for your Mom, this printable gift card holder is creative, kind of silly, and is sure to put a smile on the recipient’s face. Print out your card holder, grab a gift card, and attach it. Since the theme is books…you could use a gift card for Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Kindle, etc. HERE is the link to this awesome Mother’s Day gift.

** WE SUGGEST PRINTING THESE MOTHER’S DAY CARDS ON A HIGHER QUALITY PAPER SUCH AS A THICK CARD STOCK. Get creative and make these cards personalized to show it’s from the heart **

Toner Pirates

How to Avoid Being Scammed

Request Toner

Toner pirates are scam artists that will call offices and trick people into purchasing toner. A toner pirate will pretend to be your local copier/toner provider in order to find out more about your machine so they can send you toner. Upon learning about your machine, they will offer you ridiculously discounted toner prices so that you choose to purchase from them. However, they will end up sending you a bill for up to 10 times the normal cost of toner that you would usually pay. Sometimes, if they know enough information about your copier and business location, they will send you a bill for overly priced toner without your authorization.

The toner pirates will claim to be your “normal toner provider”, or warehouse of the toner supplier but will not mention the name of a company that sounds familiar to you. You may receive multiple phone calls from the toner pirates, each time trying to gather more information about the make and model of your copier. They try to speak with someone who knows as little about the copier as possible as to easily fool them and gather the information that they need. They will tell you that they are offering “closeout” or “special” pricing on the toner.  They will not give you contact information so they can be reached again, if you ask for it; many times they will just hang up. To prevent being scammed, these are some easy tips to follow. Never give your copier make, model, or toner information over the phone to someone you are unfamiliar with. Train your receptionist and staff on how to deal with these phone calls and how to not give away information or commit to purchases.  If you do get scammed and toner gets sent to your office, your only defense is to refuse shipment of the toner.

If you fear that you have spoken to a toner pirate, do not commit to anything. If you are not sure if it is someone from Kopier Net, simply call our office to confirm. Just know that we at Kopier Net would never call you to try to get a toner order. Report suspected toner pirates to the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) by calling 1.877.FTCHELP (1-877-382-4357).

Toner Recycling Programs


We love to hear customer feedback at Kopier Net and we are constantly looking for ways to better serve our customers. Recently, we have been getting a lot of questions inquiring about how to recycle empty toner cartridges. Customers are searching for ways to recycle their toner properly rather than just tossing them in the trash.  We empathize with this concern as we always try to Go Green at our office and strive to keep our environment clean. Though Kopier Net does not offer our own in-house toner recycling program, we have found other businesses in the industry that do. We have provided some wonderful options for your empty toner and waste toner bottles that we hope your company can setup and start implementing in your office as well.

Konica Minolta: If your copier takes Konica Minolta brand toner then we encourage you to use their new Clean Planet Program. This cost free recycling program doesn’t require you to pay for recycling costs or shipping.  All Konica Minolta consumables from every Konica Minolta model can be recycled. Follow the link to sign up for their “Box Program” which allows you to choose the size box you want to send your toners back in based on usage. No matter the volume there is a program to fit your needs.

Kyocera: As an authorized dealer of Copystar, we recommend customers using Kyocera/Copystar toner to participate in the TCR Program. The Kyocera TCR (Toner Container Recycling) Program provides a convenient disposal solution for environmentally conscious customers. The program allows you to ship your toner and waste toner bottles to the Kyocera Recycling Center in Texas. The only downside to this program is that you must pay to ship the toner yourself; but if there are no local toner recycling centers in your area this a viable, eco-conscious solution.

Office Depot: No matter what brand toner you are using in your copier, Office Depot/Office Max will recycle it for you. You have the option of dropping the empty toner bottles at a store or ordering a recycling box online. Simply order a FREE collection box by adding the item to your cart online — it will be shipped to you free of charge.  Once the box is full, seal it up and return via UPS. The prepaid label is already attached to the box. The return shipping is also free…You can’t beat that!

We highly encourage all of our customers to take part in a greener way of life, and recycling your empty toner cartridges is an easy step in that direction. Review the various solutions and decide which one best suits your office. Be sure to read all the rules and fine print for each recycling program. For instance, Konica Minolta and Kyocera only take back their own brand name toners and supplies, and will charge you for shipping if you send a different brand toner to their facility. For more information on recycling programs that are available to your office, email us at kopiernet@gmail.com.


Taking Care of Your Copier


FullSizeRender (3)

The copier is one of the most important machines in your office; it is used throughout the whole day and it is expected to run in top condition at all times. Like any machine (car, phone, or appliance) your copier needs some TLC and a good clean every once in a while. Keeping your copier clean will not only give you cleaner copies, it will also increase the lifespan of your machine by several years. Read on to learn some cleaning tips to keep your copier running well for years to come.

Step 1. Power Off. Before you start cleaning your machine, make sure to turn the copier off. This will prevent any electrical accidents and will keep you and your machine safe.

Step 2. Collect. Cleaning your copier requires specific types of products. Collect the following items: a microfiber cloth, cotton swabs, Windex, rubbing alcohol, and a can of air.

Step 3. Wipe. A clear and dust-free optic glass will produce better quality copies. To clean the glass of your copier use a microfiber cloth and some Windex. Never use paper towels as they can leave dust residue and particles on the glass. Only use a small amount of glass cleaner, because too much cleaner will leave streaks. Do not use water to clean the glass, as this will also leave streaks.

Step 4. Sanitize. With so many people touching the Control Panel everyday this is a huge spot for germs. Pour some rubbing alcohol onto a cloth and wipe down the Control Panel/Touch Screen area. Though it might be easier to use a wet towel or Clorox wipe, these options are not as sanitary or safe for the copier. Use the cloth and alcohol on the tray handles of the machine as well, and any other places that are often touched.

Step 5. Dust. Small particles in the machine can sometimes lead to poor copy quality and jamming. There are two ways to get the dust off of your machine. You can wipe the machine down with a microfiber cloth, but do not use any product to assist. For the back of the machine, paper tray corners, and in between the rollers, use a can of air. Once the particles surface, you can wipe them away with the cloth.

Step 6. Clean. An effective way to prevent jamming is to clean the copier rollers of dust, paper debris, and dirt. Start by getting out the dust in-between the rollers; use the can of air and a microfiber cloth. Make sure to get a full revolution of the rollers so that you collect as many dust particles as possible. Then, clean the rollers using rubbing alcohol on a cloth or using a cotton swab. Let the rollers dry before turning on the machine.

Step 7. Refresh. The paper trays on the copier are another place that need to be routinely cleaned. With that area storing paper, lots of particles and dirt can accumulate there. Remove the paper from the trays, blow out the dust with the can of air, and then fan out and replenish the paper. If the machine has not been used recently, refresh the paper with a new stack that is dust free.

 We suggest cleaning your machine monthly to quarterly.

**If there is a major issue, please place a service request so that our technicians can clean your machine properly.**

Email Etiquette


Corresponding via email is the most popular form of communication in business now. In fact, research has shown that we spend nearly 25% of our work time writing and responding to emails.

Yet, even with this being such a vital part of day-to-day business, many professionals are not capable of writing an appropriate email. This goes beyond simple spelling errors or smartphone typing mistakes. Some of the errors you may be making can be profiling you (and your company) in a very unprofessional manner.

Use these Email Etiquette tips below to learn how to construct a better, more engaging email.

1. Your Email Address Matters

If your company provides you with an office email address, you need to communicate using that. However, if you are using your own, personal email address make sure it is fitting and appropriate. The email address should convey who you are to the unknown sender. Some good examples are: FirstName@______.com or FirstInitialLastName@______.com. Some bad examples are: QTsweetie@______.com or BeerLover@______.com; these are not professional and can turn off a future(or current) employer, customer, or co-worker.

2. Make Your Subject Line Short & Sweet

The subject line is a way to summarize what your email is about in a clear and concise way. It should be 3 to 5 words in length, direct, and to the point. Many recipients decide whether to read an email and/or the urgency of reading an email based on the subject. These are some examples of acceptable subject lines: “Meeting Time Change” or “Customer Account Status”.

3. Use Appropriate Salutations 

Business emails should always read professional. Never use laid-back or slang terms in an email, even if you feel like you are friendly with whom you are corresponding with. Terms like “Hey” or “Yo” should not be used to begin an email. Never abbreviate words like in text speak, such as “Thnx”, “U”, and “Ltr”. It’s also good to note that you should never shorten anyone’s name that you have never met; don’t automatically assume that Steven wants to be addressed as Steve.

4. Be Aware of the “Reply All”

Always be cautious of Replying-All on an email. Before you click the Send button think: 1- Does everyone included on this email WANT to know what I have to say? 2- Does everyone NEED to know what I have to say? 3- Would anyone be UPSET or offended by what I have to say? Sometimes it is best to respond to the original sender only. When responding to a group email, always double check to make sure everyone included on the email is intended to read your response.

5. Summarize 

No one likes opening an email to see tons of paragraphs written before them; it is overwhelming and often readers will choose to ignore it before reading it all because it seems too taunting. There are situations were you may have a lot to say; in these cases you can use bullet points to get all your topics across, or break your thoughts into several shorter emails. Always re-read your email to edit anything that might seem like you are rambling. Your email should be detailed so there is no confusion but comprehensive of all your thoughts.

6. Proofread EVERY Email

There is nothing more embarrassing then sending an email with spelling errors; it can make you look unprofessional and lazy. Proofreading goes beyond looking for spelling errors; also make sure your tense is accurate, you use the correct meaning of a word (its vs it’s or affect vs effect), and your punctuation is precise. It helps to read the email draft aloud to yourself to make sure that there are no errors. If it is an email of extreme importance or perhaps for a job application, let a friend or co-worker proofread it as well.

7. Set Up A Signature 

Your email should always end with a proper signature. The signature should include a kind closing such as “Thank You”, “Kind Regards”, or “Sincerely” followed by your full name. Underneath, you should include all of your contact information: Phone Number, Email Address, Company Name, etc. This way it is easy for the person you are emailing to get back in contact with you. Make sure to add this signature setup to your phone too; a sent email from your phone should not just end with “Sent from my iPhone”.

8. Never Assume Privacy 

Remember that your email is never truly private; so use discretion. The person on the other side of your email has the ability to print or forward that email to whomever they want; may it be another co-worker, HR, or even your boss. Never write something in an email that has the potential to lead to a reprimanding by a superior. Also be aware that IT and top level personnel at your company probably have access to your inbox. If you wouldn’t want someone in your company to read what you’re writing, please press delete.

Utilizing YouTube


There are many great resources that are available to help an office with their copier needs; manuals, drivers, supplier websites, and more. YouTube is another great tool that provides a variety of copier solutions. Even though it might not be first to mind in terms of support, there are a variety of informational videos to assist you with copier issues as well as videos to educate you on new copier features. We selected some of our favorite YouTube channels that we encourage you to browse that offer a total document solution to all your copier needs.


The Kyocera Document Solutions America channel is a convenient source for service, support, and knowledge on all Kyocera has to offer. There are videos to find clear step-by-step instructions specific to your Kyocera model on how to change your toner & waste toner containers. There are also some great videos in their ‘How To’ Section that teach you to: copy, send, print, overlay, make a booklet, and much more.  If you are interested in learning about business applications for your copier and how they work, Kyocera offers a large selection of informative videos in the following categories: Capture and Distribution; Document Management; Mobile and Cloud; Network Device Management; Output Management; Cost Control and Security. -VISIT HERE-

  Konica Minolta

The Konica Minolta channel provides videos highlighting why you can count on their machines for your business needs. Watch case studies that show how Konica Minolta has been able to help businesses find solutions for working smarter. These case studies and testimonials detail how the Konica Minolta copiers and applications helped specific businesses resolve document imaging issues; perhaps these can inspire solutions for your office as well. If you would prefer to learn more about new document management solutions (like machines, applications, & features), Konica Minolta also has a variety of videos that highlight their upcoming projects; which is a great way to stay ahead of the technological curve. -VISIT HERE-


Brother Office Channel is a wonderful resource to watch videos for both work and play with your machine. There are over 150 support videos that can assist in showing you how to do everything from clearing error messages, to setting up your machine to the network, to printing envelopes.  To keep your Brother machine functioning well, there are several handy videos on how to properly clean your machine. If you would like to use your Brother printer for a more creative purpose, there are also great videos for some fun DIY projects. -VISIT HERE-

 We invite you to surf these videos and others to learn more about how to utilize your copier. It’s helpful to note that there are many other fantastic videos on YouTube that are copier model specific; just type the make and model of your machine into the search bar. We hope that you use these resources to make your document management process smoother. If you see any features or applications that you would like to add to your current copier, or if you would be interested in upgrading your machine, contact your sales representative today.

Loveable Printables

Valentine’s Day is almost here and for those that are looking to add their own DIY touch (or those looking to save some money) we are happy to share some of our favorite printable Valentine’s Day Cards. These free Valentine cards will be perfect for friends, family members, classmates, and everyone in between this holiday. It’s a great collection of funny, touching, & cute cards that are sure to please both the young and the young at heart.

We have a valentine covered for every type of person in your life:

For Your: Frozen Fanatic


Children big and small are still obsessing over the Disney movie, Frozen. So it is only fitting that the child in your life should give/receive Frozen Valentine’s cards. For all of you Frozen fans, enjoy these cards featuring Anna, Elsa and Olaf. *LINK*

 For Your: Healthy Valentine


Let’s face it, Valentine’s Day is all about the sweets, and sometimes, it’s a bit too much. If you are looking for a fun, non-candy option, then clementine cuties are a great solution! Pair the yummy fruit with this adorable printable and you have a unique and healthy V-Day treat! *LINK*

 For Your: Sweetheart

quick & cheesy hubby valentines

Not good at writing love letters for your special Valentine? Well these loveable printables are sure to get the message across. The gifts are easy to put together and fairly inexpensive, just print the kind message and attach them to the small matching gift. It’s the perfect mixture of thoughtful and cheesy for your sweetie! *LINK*

 For Your: Teacher


When preparing all of your Valentines, don’t forget your child’s teacher! This printable card is a unique way to show your appreciation; and who doesn’t love chapstick!?! All that needs to be done is print the card, attach your favorite Burt’s Bees product, & sign. *LINK*

 For Your: Friend


This card is great because it is so versatile. It can be given to any person in your life; make extras for your friends, family, neighbors, and anyone else that you want to give a little love to! These XO cards are cute and allow you to attach a little treat! So give hugs and kisses to everyone this Valentine’s Day! *LINK*

 For Your: Co-Worker


If you want to spread the holiday love to people in your office, this little DIY craft is perfect! Download and print the coffee cup label design and attach it to a takeout coffee cup. Fill with tissue or shreds and add a gift card from your favorite coffee shop! Now the next cup of coffee really will be on you! *LINK*

** WE SUGGEST PRINTING THESE Valentine’s cards ON A HIGHER QUALITY PAPER SUCH AS A THICK CARD STOCK.  be creative with paper color too**