Google Connector



The increased mobility of today’s workforce has made it imperative that users be able to quickly retrieve their information when and where it is needed. With the Google Connector app, KYOCERA brings this essential capability to the MFP. Now you can easily access, search and print Google e-mail, attachments and calendars directly from any HyPAS-enabled MFP using the device’s control panel.

You can browse and preview messages, check your calendar for events, and print emails, attachments, and calendar events for hardcopy reference. You can also quickly and easily compose and send emails with scanned file attachments through Gmail directly from the MFP.

Watch this Instructional Video to learn more about the Google Connector application and how to utilize it in your office:


Google has become virtually synonymous with the Internet. Many businesses appreciate its convenience, intuitive calendar tool, and ability to handle larger e-mail attachments. With the Google Connector app, even when you are at the MFP you won’t miss a thing!

For more information contact your Kopier Net sales representative today by calling 770-425-5679.


How to Establish Printing Policies In Your Office


Kyocera Neue DIN-A3 Taskalfa MFP

Companies have guidelines and procedures for every aspect of business interaction these days, and it is now important to have rules for office equipment usage so personnel do not abuse their rights. Luckily, Kyocera has customized business applications to enforce the printing policies that you would like to implement in your office. Not only do these rules help protect the company, but they also set clear guidelines and expectations for the staff. Points of concern that may need to be addressed are: employees being permitted to print personal copies, blocking certain people from seeing private documents that have been scanned, and/or disabling people from printing on copiers outside of their department.

The main reason that you need to establish policies and procedures at your business is to  setup security for your confidential papers as well as save money on excess printing to prevent unneeded expenses. Establishing copier and document management rules will help your business control copier and printer usage, track and log usage, potentially cache images of all printed material, and prevent misuse of company equipment and potential privacy issues.

Below are some concerns that you should create office protocol for in your workplace and corresponding Kyocera business applications that can support putting those procedures into effect:

Issue:  How usage will be tracked?

Solution: Pcounter – Easily manage the workflow of documents that are being printed, copied, scanned or faxed

Issue: What copier features are certain users/user groups are allowed to use?

Solution: AccessLock – Give specific MFP user groups or departments access to only the device functions they require for print, scan, copy and fax functionality.

Issue: How do we obtain stored information if our network crashes?

Solution: PreservDOX – Critical documents can be saved to a designated synced folder at your PC for safe keeping and immediate access. To protect confidentiality of the routed files, PIN codes are assigned to each folder – eliminating unauthorized access to the data.

Issue: What employees get to print in color?

Solution: ColorLock – Restrict color functionality to only those who really need it by requiring staff members to login with a password before they can access color print ability. The password can be on a person by person basis, group, or department.

Issue: How do we restrict confidential documents from being seen on the printer?

Solution: CentraQ – Helps to minimize the risk of unauthorized access to confidential paperwork left at the machine by allowing end-users to quickly access secured jobs via their HID cards. It also provide document control by allowing administrators to track user and device specific print, copy, scan and fax usage across all devices.

Other preventative questions you should be asking are:

  • Are personal copies permitted?
  • Who should be contacted if supplies are needed for a copier?
  • Which printers and copiers should be utilized for different print jobs?
  • Who is the point of contact should there be a service issue?

Interested? You can learn more about the Kyocera Document Solutions listed above here.

Toner Recycling Programs


We love to hear customer feedback at Kopier Net and we are constantly looking for ways to better serve our customers. Recently, we have been getting a lot of questions inquiring about how to recycle empty toner cartridges. Customers are searching for ways to recycle their toner properly rather than just tossing them in the trash.  We empathize with this concern as we always try to Go Green at our office and strive to keep our environment clean. Though Kopier Net does not offer our own in-house toner recycling program, we have found other businesses in the industry that do. We have provided some wonderful options for your empty toner and waste toner bottles that we hope your company can setup and start implementing in your office as well.

Konica Minolta: If your copier takes Konica Minolta brand toner then we encourage you to use their new Clean Planet Program. This cost free recycling program doesn’t require you to pay for recycling costs or shipping.  All Konica Minolta consumables from every Konica Minolta model can be recycled. Follow the link to sign up for their “Box Program” which allows you to choose the size box you want to send your toners back in based on usage. No matter the volume there is a program to fit your needs.

Kyocera: As an authorized dealer of Copystar, we recommend customers using Kyocera/Copystar toner to participate in the TCR Program. The Kyocera TCR (Toner Container Recycling) Program provides a convenient disposal solution for environmentally conscious customers. The program allows you to ship your toner and waste toner bottles to the Kyocera Recycling Center in Texas. The only downside to this program is that you must pay to ship the toner yourself; but if there are no local toner recycling centers in your area this a viable, eco-conscious solution.

Office Depot: No matter what brand toner you are using in your copier, Office Depot/Office Max will recycle it for you. You have the option of dropping the empty toner bottles at a store or ordering a recycling box online. Simply order a FREE collection box by adding the item to your cart online — it will be shipped to you free of charge.  Once the box is full, seal it up and return via UPS. The prepaid label is already attached to the box. The return shipping is also free…You can’t beat that!

We highly encourage all of our customers to take part in a greener way of life, and recycling your empty toner cartridges is an easy step in that direction. Review the various solutions and decide which one best suits your office. Be sure to read all the rules and fine print for each recycling program. For instance, Konica Minolta and Kyocera only take back their own brand name toners and supplies, and will charge you for shipping if you send a different brand toner to their facility. For more information on recycling programs that are available to your office, email us at


Taking Care of Your Copier


FullSizeRender (3)

The copier is one of the most important machines in your office; it is used throughout the whole day and it is expected to run in top condition at all times. Like any machine (car, phone, or appliance) your copier needs some TLC and a good clean every once in a while. Keeping your copier clean will not only give you cleaner copies, it will also increase the lifespan of your machine by several years. Read on to learn some cleaning tips to keep your copier running well for years to come.

Step 1. Power Off. Before you start cleaning your machine, make sure to turn the copier off. This will prevent any electrical accidents and will keep you and your machine safe.

Step 2. Collect. Cleaning your copier requires specific types of products. Collect the following items: a microfiber cloth, cotton swabs, Windex, rubbing alcohol, and a can of air.

Step 3. Wipe. A clear and dust-free optic glass will produce better quality copies. To clean the glass of your copier use a microfiber cloth and some Windex. Never use paper towels as they can leave dust residue and particles on the glass. Only use a small amount of glass cleaner, because too much cleaner will leave streaks. Do not use water to clean the glass, as this will also leave streaks.

Step 4. Sanitize. With so many people touching the Control Panel everyday this is a huge spot for germs. Pour some rubbing alcohol onto a cloth and wipe down the Control Panel/Touch Screen area. Though it might be easier to use a wet towel or Clorox wipe, these options are not as sanitary or safe for the copier. Use the cloth and alcohol on the tray handles of the machine as well, and any other places that are often touched.

Step 5. Dust. Small particles in the machine can sometimes lead to poor copy quality and jamming. There are two ways to get the dust off of your machine. You can wipe the machine down with a microfiber cloth, but do not use any product to assist. For the back of the machine, paper tray corners, and in between the rollers, use a can of air. Once the particles surface, you can wipe them away with the cloth.

Step 6. Clean. An effective way to prevent jamming is to clean the copier rollers of dust, paper debris, and dirt. Start by getting out the dust in-between the rollers; use the can of air and a microfiber cloth. Make sure to get a full revolution of the rollers so that you collect as many dust particles as possible. Then, clean the rollers using rubbing alcohol on a cloth or using a cotton swab. Let the rollers dry before turning on the machine.

Step 7. Refresh. The paper trays on the copier are another place that need to be routinely cleaned. With that area storing paper, lots of particles and dirt can accumulate there. Remove the paper from the trays, blow out the dust with the can of air, and then fan out and replenish the paper. If the machine has not been used recently, refresh the paper with a new stack that is dust free.

 We suggest cleaning your machine monthly to quarterly.

**If there is a major issue, please place a service request so that our technicians can clean your machine properly.**

Utilizing YouTube


There are many great resources that are available to help an office with their copier needs; manuals, drivers, supplier websites, and more. YouTube is another great tool that provides a variety of copier solutions. Even though it might not be first to mind in terms of support, there are a variety of informational videos to assist you with copier issues as well as videos to educate you on new copier features. We selected some of our favorite YouTube channels that we encourage you to browse that offer a total document solution to all your copier needs.


The Kyocera Document Solutions America channel is a convenient source for service, support, and knowledge on all Kyocera has to offer. There are videos to find clear step-by-step instructions specific to your Kyocera model on how to change your toner & waste toner containers. There are also some great videos in their ‘How To’ Section that teach you to: copy, send, print, overlay, make a booklet, and much more.  If you are interested in learning about business applications for your copier and how they work, Kyocera offers a large selection of informative videos in the following categories: Capture and Distribution; Document Management; Mobile and Cloud; Network Device Management; Output Management; Cost Control and Security. -VISIT HERE-

  Konica Minolta

The Konica Minolta channel provides videos highlighting why you can count on their machines for your business needs. Watch case studies that show how Konica Minolta has been able to help businesses find solutions for working smarter. These case studies and testimonials detail how the Konica Minolta copiers and applications helped specific businesses resolve document imaging issues; perhaps these can inspire solutions for your office as well. If you would prefer to learn more about new document management solutions (like machines, applications, & features), Konica Minolta also has a variety of videos that highlight their upcoming projects; which is a great way to stay ahead of the technological curve. -VISIT HERE-


Brother Office Channel is a wonderful resource to watch videos for both work and play with your machine. There are over 150 support videos that can assist in showing you how to do everything from clearing error messages, to setting up your machine to the network, to printing envelopes.  To keep your Brother machine functioning well, there are several handy videos on how to properly clean your machine. If you would like to use your Brother printer for a more creative purpose, there are also great videos for some fun DIY projects. -VISIT HERE-

 We invite you to surf these videos and others to learn more about how to utilize your copier. It’s helpful to note that there are many other fantastic videos on YouTube that are copier model specific; just type the make and model of your machine into the search bar. We hope that you use these resources to make your document management process smoother. If you see any features or applications that you would like to add to your current copier, or if you would be interested in upgrading your machine, contact your sales representative today.

Electronic Document Management



Organizing Your Office in the Digital Age

Preparing your office for Year End is quite the challenge; and it can be even more frustrating if you are still manually filing and processing your documents. Sorting and filing using paper is a laborious and dated task that is time consuming to your office staff. In fact, research has shown that office workers spend 20% of their time on average filing, managing, searching and retrieving paper documents, of which 15% are photocopies. The solution to this grueling task is to utilize your multi-functional copier and establish Electronic Document Management.

Electronic Document Management is the electronic storage and retrieval of documents. Organizations can implement an electronic document management system (EDMS) integrated with their multi-function printer and network to handle the filing process. The EDM system allows you to structure and organize your documents for storage and retrieval. It also gives you the ability to add, edit and view documents. Other functions of the software include the ability to index and search documents, and add differing levels of security to your documents.

Time and Money are the biggest advantages for a company to utilize an EDM system. It will save your employee’s time by allowing them to easily find documents from their computer by using a more effective categorizing system. It will save your company money because you will no longer have to pay for large amounts of storage tools such as filing cabinets, boxes, folders, etc. Security is another great bonus, as document management systems can allow different tiers of access to documents based on setup preferences, to keep files safe and secure.

Kyocera offers many applications to install on your multi-functional printer based on your docu-management needs. One of their most popular apps is SharePoint Connector; this app links with a Microsoft SharePoint server to make it easier for employees to share, collaborate and manage their ideas and information. If you are looking for a fast and easy to use app that is the virtual version of a filing cabinet, then Sentry File is the perfect starting point to begin establishing your EDM system. PreservDOX is another great app that is beneficial for any organization that has documents it can’t afford to lose. Critical documents can be saved in secure, predefined areas and can only be accessed via Pin Code, eliminating the worry of lose and unauthorized access.

Establishing an Electronic Document Management system is a great organizational update for your office to launch; and Kopier Net can help you do it! Contact your sales representative today to get your office setup with the best EDM system for your business needs.

Kyocera Three Tier Billing Solution

3 Tier

Reduce the cost of your color printing with our Three Tier Billing Solution – only pay for the amount of color you use! Whereas current maintenance agreements charge one standard price for all color copies, whether it’s a color logo in the corner of a letterhead or a full page color ad, this groundbreaking new system breaks down the printed image and records it to bill based on the total amount of color used on the page. With the breakdown of Low, Medium, or High color coverage, businesses will now be charged accordingly. Low and medium price per copies are significantly less than the high color coverage copies.

The way Three Tier Billing works is that there are three meters (magenta, cyan, and yellow) inside your MFP print device to count the exact number of color dots used on each printed page.  Dot coverage is the most accurate measurement methodology on the market.  Color coverage is calculated per page and billed at the most appropriate cost-per-click for your business. The Intelligent Billing on the MFP’s will break down the number of low, medium, and high color coverage pages used by your business. “Kyocera’s Three Tier Billing solution meets the needs of all businesses as it reduces the amount of full color printing and can reduce color costs by up to 50%.” said Mark Vella, Director of Sales and Marketing at Kyocera. Currently, most businesses print in black and white only to avoid the high cost of color prints/copies and are reluctant to bring color printing in house due to high color printing charges, Three Tier Billing will alleviate these issues.

So how exactly are the color tiers broken down…? Low Color is documents including a colored stamp or logo, a few lines of color highlighted text, emails or documents. Medium Color is standard business documents incorporating colored charts or graphs, Excel spread sheets, or Power Point presentations. High Color is documents composed of color graphics or photographs, marketing materials, brochures or Internet pages. The color tier breakdown information can be sent and synced automatically or manually by a service technician, and converted into bar graphs and charts so you can review how much of each tier your office is using.

With Three Tier Billing, businesses control what they print, how they print, and the cost of what they print in color. So, whether you are buying new, upgrading, or have an existing TASKalfa, Three Tiered Color Billing may be exactly what you’ve needed to add color your world. Kopier Net, with its Copystar partnership, is proud to now offer this cost effective tool to all customers with Kyocera TASKalpha series (3051ci and above). Contact your sales representative for more information.

Teaching Assistant

Back To School Basics

From Kyocera/Copystar Solutions

Teaching Assistant

As we are preparing for Back to School, we wanted to highlight one of our favorite Kyocera Applications, Teaching Assistant. Educators are under continuous pressure to find new and innovative ways to improve student achievement while reducing cost. These initiatives are not unique to school districts. Every enterprise, from public and private schools to large corporations, must become more efficient. To assist in this critical initiative Kyocera has developed Teaching Assistant, a business application.

Teaching Assistant is a HyPAS-enabled App enabled for teachers to automatically print, scan, grade, and analyze student’s test scores off a bubble sheet right from a Kyocera MFP. Designed as an embedded application that runs on the MFP, Teaching Assistant does not require network resources or IT support because there is no server software to install or PC to connect. Teachers and support staff enjoy intuitive walk-up access, where an unlimited number of bubble sheet forms are printed. After the forms are completed by the students, and scanned by Teaching Assistant, test scores and associated reports are immediately available; there’s no wait! Comprehensive analytics even drill down to the 10 easiest and 10 most difficult questions, enabling educators to identify weaknesses, and gear classroom instruction accordingly.

Teaching Assistant instantly scans the sheets, scores each student, and prepares a series of analytical and graphical PDF reports, with a choice to print, save to USB flash drive or e-mail the results. To protect student confidentiality, all data related to the test is automatically cleared from the device after the user exits Teaching Assistant. Additionally, since Teaching Assistant runs on any HyPAS-enabled TASKalfa device, it uses economical plain paper to generate bubble sheets. Buying and stocking expensive pre-printed media is a thing of the past. And to further efficiency, Teaching Assistant allows users to print and forward test scores and reports directly to an e-mail address – reducing paper, toner and energy consumption.

Watch an informative demo here:

With Teaching Assistant, the MFP does the work allowing educators to concentrate on the students themselves, instead of the time-consuming, error-prone process of manual test grading. Ideal for all educators and trainers, Teaching Assistant reduces the paperwork burden that otherwise distracts from the core mission – preparing our leaders of tomorrow. To learn more about Kyocera’s Teaching Assistant, contact your Kopier Net sales representative and ask about a free 30-day, no-obligation trial.

Kyocera Simple Banner Maker


A great feature of the Kyocera TASKalfa copier models is their ability to print banners using large paper stock. Using the bypass tray and specific paper that is 12 inches by 48 inches, you can print a custom banner of your choosing to display for various occasions.  By allowing you to print on bigger paper you can print: signs, graphs, project plans, posters, designs and flow charts. Though this is not a feature that many offices will use every day, it is helpful to know that you can conveniently print these items in your office rather than exporting them out.

This short video from Kyocera provides all the steps involved in printing your personalized banner:

Understanding how to use this feature is just another opportunity to realize value from your investment in your Kyocera TASKalfa MFP. Note that is necessary to design the banner as a 12 inch wide by 24 inch high document even though it appears to be printed landscape.  What you are doing is printing a portrait document that is the length (height) of your banner, but rotating the setup by ninety degrees to make it look right.

If you’re looking to go beyond the typical printout measurements of your standard sized paper trays without having to outsource the job, look to your Kyocera MFP. For more information on this feature you can call your Kopier Net salesperson.

Kyocera Business Applications: Are you fully utilizing all that your copier can do for you?



You have mastered the basics of your copier: printing, faxing, scanning, re-sizing, and even adjusting the resolution; but are you aware of what your copier can do to maximize  workflow and minimize stress in your office? Kyocera’s Business Applications offer a variety of useful customized applications that can be used in almost any office environment.

Kyocera offers six categories of business applications. If it is document storage that you require, then the Capture & Distribution category is for you. As an example, the Kyocera HomePOINT app allows you to easily scan, store, and access hard copy information, such as presentations, invoices, project plans, and many other documents. Perhaps you need more ease in finding documents, if so the Document Management category can offer some assistance. The SharePoint Connector app, specifically, can link your documents to a secure Microsoft SharePoint server, making it easier for employees to share and manage their information. If you find yourself needing access to print and scan on the go, then the apps in the Mobile & Cloud category will serve you well. For instance, the Kyocera Mobile Print application is a free mobile app that allows you to print to your MFP from your smartphone.

The Network Device Management category provides customers with applications that can manage their network devices from local and remote locations; including the Command Center RX app that allows you to view your toner levels, paper availability, and copier status all from your web browser. Make creating, printing, and storing forms easy with the applications found in the Output Management category. In particular, the MyForms app allows you to create forms and then scan and store these preprinted forms on your network. The last category, Cost Control & Security, offers applications that work specifically with protection of your files. A perfect example is the Cryptek app that protects your MFP by requiring users to authenticate themselves with a smartcard and PIN code.

These are just a few of the many applications that can be installed on your machine. Want to see more? Visit Kyocera’s Document Solution YouTube page for a more in-depth tutorial of some of their more popular apps:

If you are interested in installing any of these applications on your copier, please contact your sales representative. Continue to read our blog as we will always highlight any new and exciting applications that become available.