The Advantages of a Maintenance Agreement


When choosing to buy/lease a copier many customers debate whether or not to pay the additional cost for a monthly Maintenance Agreement. A copier maintenance agreement is a “service agreement” where the customer pays a monthly fee based on their cost per copy and in return the contract includes toner, service & repair, as well as parts. A maintenance agreement is beneficial in so many ways: it is economical, it keeps your machine running at its best, and it gives you peace of mind for prolonging the life of your copier.

Here is a list of the some of the advantages of choosing to have a copier maintenance agreement.

  • Saving Money – It is cost effective for a business to have a maintenance agreement so you do not have to pay for each service call or repair. There is never a cost for a technician to come out to fix your machine and a tech will continue to service your copier until it is running perfectly if an error continues to occur.
  • Priority Call Status – You are guaranteed a call from your technician within 2 hours from when a service call is placed to give you an exact ETA of arrival and all service agreement customers are put ahead of others.
  • Unlimited Service & Preventative Maintenance – A technician is available to service your machine even when nothing is wrong; you can schedule cleaning and preventative repairs as often as you need. There is also no limit to how many times a tech will come out to work on your copier.
  • Free Loaner – If your copier is down for longer than a day, we will provide a free loaner machine until your copier is running perfectly again.
  • Toner & Supplies – You can receive unlimited free toner, waste toner, and parts for your machine.
  • Machine Exchange – If the copier does not perform to your satisfaction a replacement machine will be replaced at no charge to you; within the first five years of delivery.
  • Peace of Mind – By not having to worry about your machine breaking down or being able to afford to pay for parts to fix the machine, you can focus your time on other more important aspects of your business.