Top Ten Copier Etiquette Rules


There is always that one person in the office…the one that tells everyone when the toner is out, but refuses to replace the empty toner bottle. It’s frustrating. With so many different people in the office using the copier, it is important to have a set protocol for how to operate the machine. Setting rules for the variety of copier users is a great way to let everyone know that they are responsible for making sure the copier is running to its best ability at all times. We have provided our Top Ten Copier Etiquette Rules that we suggest you establish in your office.

  1. Don’t leave the paper trays empty. Refill them as needed.
  2. Always check the touch screen for a flashing icon, which could mean a misfeed has occurred, toner is low or there is an error code that needs resolving.
  3. Never walk away from a copier that is jammed. Try to resolve the issue.
  4. If you cannot resolve a copier issue on your own, notify your office manager so a technician can be called.
  5. Let people with fewer documents than you print first.
  6. If you see someone using the copier, do not print to that machine. Wait until your co-worker is done running their copy job.
  7. Don’t remove someone else’s documents from the copier. Find the owner of the documents or give the documents to the office manager to hold.
  8. If you print anything on thick paper, colored paper or legal sized paper remove it from the tray once you are done printing so someone else does not accidentally print on it.
  9. Remove staples, sticky notes and paper clips from all documents that you’re going to put through the Top Feeder.
  10. Keep the area around the copier clean. Do not eat or drink around the copier. Pick up any mess you might make around the area.


What copier rules have you established in your office??? Share below. 


Taking Care of Your Copier


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The copier is one of the most important machines in your office; it is used throughout the whole day and it is expected to run in top condition at all times. Like any machine (car, phone, or appliance) your copier needs some TLC and a good clean every once in a while. Keeping your copier clean will not only give you cleaner copies, it will also increase the lifespan of your machine by several years. Read on to learn some cleaning tips to keep your copier running well for years to come.

Step 1. Power Off. Before you start cleaning your machine, make sure to turn the copier off. This will prevent any electrical accidents and will keep you and your machine safe.

Step 2. Collect. Cleaning your copier requires specific types of products. Collect the following items: a microfiber cloth, cotton swabs, Windex, rubbing alcohol, and a can of air.

Step 3. Wipe. A clear and dust-free optic glass will produce better quality copies. To clean the glass of your copier use a microfiber cloth and some Windex. Never use paper towels as they can leave dust residue and particles on the glass. Only use a small amount of glass cleaner, because too much cleaner will leave streaks. Do not use water to clean the glass, as this will also leave streaks.

Step 4. Sanitize. With so many people touching the Control Panel everyday this is a huge spot for germs. Pour some rubbing alcohol onto a cloth and wipe down the Control Panel/Touch Screen area. Though it might be easier to use a wet towel or Clorox wipe, these options are not as sanitary or safe for the copier. Use the cloth and alcohol on the tray handles of the machine as well, and any other places that are often touched.

Step 5. Dust. Small particles in the machine can sometimes lead to poor copy quality and jamming. There are two ways to get the dust off of your machine. You can wipe the machine down with a microfiber cloth, but do not use any product to assist. For the back of the machine, paper tray corners, and in between the rollers, use a can of air. Once the particles surface, you can wipe them away with the cloth.

Step 6. Clean. An effective way to prevent jamming is to clean the copier rollers of dust, paper debris, and dirt. Start by getting out the dust in-between the rollers; use the can of air and a microfiber cloth. Make sure to get a full revolution of the rollers so that you collect as many dust particles as possible. Then, clean the rollers using rubbing alcohol on a cloth or using a cotton swab. Let the rollers dry before turning on the machine.

Step 7. Refresh. The paper trays on the copier are another place that need to be routinely cleaned. With that area storing paper, lots of particles and dirt can accumulate there. Remove the paper from the trays, blow out the dust with the can of air, and then fan out and replenish the paper. If the machine has not been used recently, refresh the paper with a new stack that is dust free.

 We suggest cleaning your machine monthly to quarterly.

**If there is a major issue, please place a service request so that our technicians can clean your machine properly.**

How to Resolve Copier Error Codes

Your copier machine running smoothly is a top priority for us at Kopier Net; and we want to help you fix your issues(should you have any) as soon as possible so it does not disrupt your workday. As with all technology, occasionally an error message will appear on your copier screen that you might be unfamiliar with. Normally, an error code does not mean that the machine needs a major repair; rather many codes can be quickly and easily remedied. Sometimes, you can even fix the error code yourself! So before you deem the copier broken and unusable, here are a few tips to help you.

Tip 1: Look out for Error Messages. The copier control panel is programmed to communicate issues to its users at all times. So take a few extra seconds before and after you use the copier to make sure that there are no messages appearing. Some messages are not error messages, they may communicate such things as low toner or full waste toner basket, which are also helpful.

Tip 2:  Pay Attention to All Messages on the Machine. If you do see an error message, take time to read it and understand what the machine is reporting. Be aware that some codes are just maintenance codes that mean it is time to service the machine. If that is the case, it is usually OK to continue to use the machine until it is serviced. Other codes will show actual problems with the machine that need to be repaired immediately.

Tip 3: Try Resetting the Machine. Some error codes are faulty and are produced on error. Reset the machine by powering off the machine manually, then unplugging the machine from the wall for 5 -10 minutes and let it “rest”. Then plug the machine back in, and turn the power on using the main power switch. If this procedure resets the code, you can continue to use the machine. If not, proceed to Tip 4.

Tip 4: Call us with the Error Code. We are here to help you! Write down the error code that is appearing on the monitor screen and call us 770-425-5679. Report the Equipment ID, the error code, and what you have done to try to resolve the error message. Providing the proper error codes on the call allows us to ensure our technicians have the needed parts or supplies when they visit your office.


Note: With multiple people in your office using the machine daily, these helpful tips might be useful to print out and post around/near the copier in your office.

Tips from the Techs



Prolonging Your Copier’s Life

Your companies’ copier machine is a great investment and one that you would like to last for a long time. Like any machine (car, phone, computer), the copier requires upkeep in order to function at a top notch level for many years. At Kopier Net, we are always trying to provide pieces of advice to our customers to assist them with their copier.  We gathered our highly skilled technicians to discuss the best ways to keep a copier running productively for years to come.  These are some of the top tips to follow to help increase the lifespan of your copy machine.

Location. Location. Location: Choosing a smart space in the office is the key to copier longevity. Your copier needs to be in a climate controlled area that is far away from areas that get drastic changes in temperature such as: windows, doors, heaters, air conditioners, or extreme sunlight. Also, try to place the copier in a less populated area. Frequent foot traffic can lead to more dust and other particles that can get into the machine.

Protect the Paper: Be cautious of where you store your copier paper. Humidity and dust on the paper can make your copier jam up or stop working all together. Always keep your paper in a cool, clean area.  Additionally, make sure that you are placing the paper in the tray correctly by fanning out the paper (to help get rid of dust and sticky pieces stuck together) and then lining it up tightly in the tray at the correct position.

Take Care of your Toner: Printing copies with very low toner is not good for the machine as it will make parts such as the developer and drum wear down quicker than normal. To prevent this, learn how to check your toner levels using the copier touch screen. Even if the copies look good, the toner should be replaced soon after the low signal appears.  Be prepared and always keep a spare toner in the office for emergencies.

Monday Warm Ups: Monday’s are hard for everyone at the office and after several days of not being used, your copier needs a good warm up prior to being used all week. You should remove the old paper and replace it with fresh paper instead. You can use the old paper in a small, laser jet printer (these printers do not jam as often from moisture on the paper). You also need to look at the rollers to make sure no paper pieces are stuck in them; as well as use a dust blower to clean any loose particles out of the machine. This routine should take no more than 5 minutes but will extend the lifetime of your copier tremendously.

Fix Jams ASAP: Paper jams are a complete hassle to everyone in the office, and though it is easy to get frustrated and wait for someone else to fix them; it is not good for the machine as it can accumulate moisture and dust in the copier. If you can see the paper stuck in the rollers, try to remove it carefully, and then use a can of compressed air to get the rest of the particles out. If you cannot fix the jam on your own, please call Kopier Net to place a service call for a technician to resolve the issue.


Though cleaning your copier may not be at the top of our offices’ To-Do List, the way you care for your machine will determine how long this technology will work properly for you. Take care of your copier today to ensure its long life and functionality for tomorrow. If your copier or printer has any problems, always contact a Kopier Net technician and never try to repair the machine on your own. These tips can help your office avoid any costly repairs and maintenance calls. For more information on care of your copier, call us at 770-425-5679

Kopier Net Experts Tell All


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Tips to Prevent Paper Jams
We all know how frustrating a copier paper jam can be, but did you know that a lot of times they are preventable? Our technical experts at Kopier Net put together the top tips to prevent copier jams.
  • Always store paper in a cool, dry place. Moisture on the paper is a leading cause in jamming
  • Make sure the paper fits tightly and straight into the guided tray on all sides
  • Fan the paper out before inserting it into the tray
  • If refilling paper before the tray is empty, remove the existing paper and stack it evenly on top of the new, additional paper back into the tray
  • Be sure that all doors and levers are in the correct, closed position
  • Buy good quality paper. Paper packaged in plastic or laminated reams is best.
  • Never overload the paper tray
  • Don’t mix and match paper types in the same tray
  • Put the copier on Power Saving mode overnight or long periods of time of no use
  • Make sure your copier components are in good shape, if they look worn down, call Kopier Net for a scheduled replacement service
  • Keep your copier clean!